Tuesday, December 04, 2007


So its pretty late right now and I should be in bed but i am staying up to write a quick post about my RA staff here at Canyon. I just got back from California tonight visiting my amazing girlfriend, her family and friends and as my car to pick me up pulls up I see my GA Sarah and my two RA's Jenny and Tiffany. And just when I thought the welcoming committee couldn't get any funner, out of the trunk pops my RA Jake! I'm not gonna lie, I did jump but that's besides the point.
It was about 7 or 8 months ago when this group of people found out that they were getting a new boss. I know for them it was a bummer to see Ronnie go, the guy they wanted to work for. So I am sure they were skeptical of who would follow after him and with good cause. And then I ended up getting the job to follow after Big Ron and new friendships were born. I have never felt so at home with a group of people so quickly before. They made me feel accepted so quickly and made my transition to Canyon a whole lot easier. The way they treated Ruth when they met her. Class act! And now that the semester is over, they have gotten to know who I am and visa versa. And I must say that I am extremely thankful to know each one of them. They have each touched my life in a different way and I couldn't have asked for a better staff this year. At times I feel bad for them having to put up with me, especially my GA Sarah... bless her heart. They all sit through the nose blowin, loogy spittin, fun filled meetings each week. : ) God is good and the people that he brought together to serve in NRA is perfect. I am excited to see where GOD leads each of these individuals as they pursue HIS will. My prayer is that GOD would use each of them to change this world that we live in for HIS name sake. That they would live life in a way that gives hope to all who see. That they would continue to model the life of Christ to their fellow classmates here at GCU. You guys are great and this year wouldn't of been the same without you Jake, Christy, Jenny, Tiffany, Kate, Mackenzie, Jerad, Kris, Christina and of course my wonderful GA Sarah. May GOD reveal himself to each of you in a new way!