Tuesday, December 04, 2007


So its pretty late right now and I should be in bed but i am staying up to write a quick post about my RA staff here at Canyon. I just got back from California tonight visiting my amazing girlfriend, her family and friends and as my car to pick me up pulls up I see my GA Sarah and my two RA's Jenny and Tiffany. And just when I thought the welcoming committee couldn't get any funner, out of the trunk pops my RA Jake! I'm not gonna lie, I did jump but that's besides the point.
It was about 7 or 8 months ago when this group of people found out that they were getting a new boss. I know for them it was a bummer to see Ronnie go, the guy they wanted to work for. So I am sure they were skeptical of who would follow after him and with good cause. And then I ended up getting the job to follow after Big Ron and new friendships were born. I have never felt so at home with a group of people so quickly before. They made me feel accepted so quickly and made my transition to Canyon a whole lot easier. The way they treated Ruth when they met her. Class act! And now that the semester is over, they have gotten to know who I am and visa versa. And I must say that I am extremely thankful to know each one of them. They have each touched my life in a different way and I couldn't have asked for a better staff this year. At times I feel bad for them having to put up with me, especially my GA Sarah... bless her heart. They all sit through the nose blowin, loogy spittin, fun filled meetings each week. : ) God is good and the people that he brought together to serve in NRA is perfect. I am excited to see where GOD leads each of these individuals as they pursue HIS will. My prayer is that GOD would use each of them to change this world that we live in for HIS name sake. That they would live life in a way that gives hope to all who see. That they would continue to model the life of Christ to their fellow classmates here at GCU. You guys are great and this year wouldn't of been the same without you Jake, Christy, Jenny, Tiffany, Kate, Mackenzie, Jerad, Kris, Christina and of course my wonderful GA Sarah. May GOD reveal himself to each of you in a new way!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'm still here...

It has been a very long time since I have last blogged, mainly its because my life has been very fast paced and hectic but in a good way for once. Life out in Arizona is going really well. My job is great, the people I work with are fantastic, my RA's rule and my GA is pretty cool too. I started my Masters about a month ago now and that definitely takes up some of my free time. I don't really like school but this is an opportunity that GOD has given me so I am trying to take advantage of it. My first class is a 600 level class called Business Ethics. And so far for me it has been very challenging. It is my first business class ever and its all on line so it challenges me in many ways. But I like the class a lot, I just hope I pass it : )
With all that being said and going on in my life still comes one of the most important things in my life, my relationship with Ruth. Things are going very well for us. I just got back from Texas with her and her family and had a great time. The struggle of long distance challenges us both at times and at times have not been fun but GOD has been good. We are continuing to learn more and more about each other and are level of communication continues to grow.
So all in all things are going very well. Soon it will be Christmas break and I'll be back in Cali for a bit. Hopefully that will allow time to reflect back on the year and whats ahead of me.
But I read a friends blog the other day and it was a great post about getting back to the basics . And for a simple guy like me it really hit home. The only thing that didn't sit well was the thought of "living simply". It made me think about Christ and His life and it made me wonder what this life of faith would be like if He had lived this life simply. I don't know if I am taking all of this out of context of what my friend meant but I don't feel that we are called to live simply but more radically! And I don't mean that in a crazy, destructive way. I mean it in a way that was the same as the way Christ lived. To live in a way that was bold and went against the grain of the culture of that day. To be a vibrant light for Christ in such a dark world. Living simply may make our life a bit easier but it won't change this world for HIS name.
His burden is easy and HIS yoke is light. May we follow Christ in a way that is truly glorifying to HIM and figure out what it truly means to have Joy in HIS calling. It may not always be easy following Christ in the world that we live in today but there is always joy in the Lord and we should live this life filled with it!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

... the fullness of, Your grace is here with me...

Well its been a long week and finally life is starting to slow down a bit. Its hard when life gets hectic. At times I feel it brings out the not so good in me. I tend to get more irritable and tend to take it out on those who I care about the most. Thankfully though people are forgiving and understand and are willing to look past the rough seasons which makes the good seasons that much better. I'm still adjusting to the transition out here in Phoenix. Thanks are going really good out here but its still an adjustment. But I am extremely thankful for the people I work with. They are great and they have helped out so much with this transitional time in my life. God is definitely good! God is still good even in the bad seasons of my life. That is one thing that I am starting to realize and grasp finally. I am thankful for the good and the bad seasons in my life because they promote growth and my true character is tested in the fire. But one person that I am most thankful for is Ruth. Through the good the bad and the ugly she still stands by my side. She allows me to be me. I am not condemned by her for my past and I am not forced to live a perfect life in the future by her. She accepts my faults and is willing to work through them with me which says a lot about the women she is. I'm not perfect and I never have been and never will be. At times though I feel pressured by the world and people to lead a perfect life. To make all the right choices when it comes to Ruth and I or when it comes to my everyday life. Unfortunately I wont make all the right decisions and will fall on my face but thankfully I serve a GOD who doesn't judge me by only my bad choices. Thankfully I serve a GOD who exercises Mercy and Grace to me daily which is something that is hard for me to wrap my mind around because I tend to do the opposite. But I wont listen to the world and their hateful words. As the Father loved the Son, Jesus loves us and in that love I will find peace and rest. His yoke is easy and His burden is light and with that I will stop trying to earn His love and Grace. I will attempt to live in and through that Love that He gives. Just another reason I appreciate Ruth so much. She models that unconditional love so well to those in her life. No matter what is said about her, no matter how undeserving people are of her generosity, she freely gives and doesn't ask for anything in return. Thanks for being an example Hooch of what Christ lived out here on earth and may we all strive together to be more like Him!

Friday, August 17, 2007

... a glimpse into the depths...

So I'm in Phoenix, away from those who I most care about and I must say,that at times, its very hard. Change is always hard it seems. Sometimes change is very necessary but that doesn't mean that its not hard sometimes. I'm having trouble adjusting here a bit. I mean, I love the people that are here and that I work with. I think that they are great and I respect them all very much. But its still difficult to get use to the fact that this is my new home. And that these new wonderful people are my family. The biggest change though deals with my relationship with Ruth. Its not easy going from seeing each other everyday to not being able to see each other or being blessed enough to see her face to face. We have managed to work something out that allows to each see each other but its still not the same. I cant smell what perfume she is wearing which all her perfumes smell amazing. I cant reach over and hold her hand. I cant walk up to her and give her a big hug which I love to do. Also its hard when it comes to communicating. Either everyday talk, feelings deep within, or daily struggles. We are now forced to talk on the phone which sucks cause neither of us is phone people. But now silence is perceived as something is wrong to where as before is was OK, cause we could still see each other. Its not always easy to keep the conversation going. Its not always easy to communicate feelings that don't make sense. Its not always easy trying to be honest with each other about what we are feeling. But none the less, we are both up for the challenge. Its not always going to be easy and so far it all hasn't been bliss but its been good. We have been able to have amazing conversations that have penetrated the depths of who we are as people which has been refreshing. Yes this long distance thing isn't always easy but I'm learning to deal with it. This is just a little glimpse of what has been on my heart. But keep one thing clear, I am truly blessed by GOD with all of this and will be grateful for it when I look back on it. And I think Ruth would say the same. Continue to work on our hearts GOD and shape us into the people YOU want us to be.

Monday, July 16, 2007

no clever title for this one...

So it's been a while since I have last posted. I've been a bit busy hanging out with Ruth. The time has almost come for me to head out to AZ so any time that I get to spend with her is taken advantage of since I wont be able to see her whenever I want coming up shortly. But that's all another blog. Ruth and I got to go to Vegas to visit the family and the time spent in the desert was a lot of fun. Very hot but at the same time very fun. The week seemed to go by in a matter of seconds. And that leads me to today where the days still seem to fly by in the blink of an eye. ... Tonight though I feel like taking my blog in a different direction. Not that what I write about is not important but I wanted to write about more applicable thoughts that I go through in my mind to y'all. And today Ill just talk about what I heard in church today.

Today the main topic of the speakers talk was "Integrity" and "Giving to God what is His". The speaker did a very good job conveying the message and it made me think a lot about my life. Ruth's dad gave me the analogy of integrity using a banana. Sounds weird but it was a good analogy. He proceeded to tell me that on the outside of the banana you have a peel and through just looking at that peel you automatically assume that there is a banana inside. And sure enough when he opened it up there was a banana inside. He related this to us as humans dealing with our "outsides" and our "insides". He told me that integrity was when someones outside accurately portrayed their inside, just like the banana. I thought the analogy was great and then I began to examine my life to see if that was true for me. I feel that most of the time they both match up, not always perfectly but at least for the most part. But sometimes its hard because we all have our own issues that we deal with internally. It makes me ask the question that because we all have our own struggles and issues does that mean we don't obtain integrity? Its not that we broadcast our issues to everyone but we definitely try to not let them show. So all in all I ask myself am I a man of integrity. I want to say yes but being my own worst critic I guess I would have to say not always. That's why I have so much respect for Ruth. I have never seen integrity modeled so well before in my life. Her inner self matches her outer self so well that it amazes me. So now for me it all comes down to is what am I willing to do to become a consistent man of integrity. It all starts with God so that's where I'll go first. So for the babbling, just random thoughts that went through my head today. Its not all worked out but that's just a glimpse into my mind.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

... so i'll stand, with arms high and heart abandoned...

So its been a while since I last wrote on this blog so here goes. Life has been pretty slow as of lately. Now that my job here at CBU is officially done there isn't much for me to do around here. The one person that I really want to spend time with the most before I take off to AZ is half way around the world right now co-leading a great group of students serving the Lord. Soon she will be back and when she is I'm sure that the time will fly by cause that's what seems to happen when we are together. And of course when we are apart time goes by slower than ever. But what can I do ya know.

But overall things have been going really well. I got to go to Minnesota and be with great people. I had a lot of fun reconnecting with old friends and hanging out with current friends. Its always a refreshing time for me when I get to hang out with old friends. I don't get to hang out with them much anymore these days but when I get back together with them its great.

I cant wait for this month to be over though cause that means its closer to the time when Ruth and I get to go out to Vegas. I'm really looking forward to heading back home and Ruth getting to know my family. I think that's what makes this time apart seem like forever cause I'm so excited to just go back home. But one day at a time. Soon her and I will be hanging out with my family and that excites me. So until then...

Thursday, May 31, 2007

...Well I would walk around the earth, To have another chance with you...

Another late night and I find myself here by my computer so I felt like writing a blog. School is for sure out for the summer and the dorms I live in are DEAD! The only sign of life is when the Admissions Counselors from our school come down my hall and key into my room trying to show new students what the dorms look like. Even though they always key in and come to realize that its my apartment, it seems that as soon as they shut the door they forget what just happened cause the next day they do the same freakin thing! But whatever, just a part of livin in the dorms.
Overall my week has been good, very slow but good. Surprisingly doing some GA work by helping out with interviews and what not for the GA staff for next year. Hooch is gone for the week on a cruise to Mexico with all her friends livin the life and catchin some rays while the rest of us are stuck here in Riverside. Sometimes life doesn't seem fair! haha. Even though she is only gone for a week it seems like forever. Nothing to get suicidal over but definitely not fun being away from her. Normally the phone would fill the distance gap but for some odd reason cell phones don't work out in the open ocean! But any who, she comes back on Friday so I'm pretty stoked about that. It's been a long time coming it seems for Ruth and I and now that its here it seems that we are both busy with going on trips. Not a bad thing at all but when you experience someone as great as her, all you want to do is be around her. So the weekend will be nice then starting on Monday it will be no so nice til the end of June. So ill be sure not to take my time for grant it with you Hooch so hurry up and get back!