Wednesday, September 05, 2007

... the fullness of, Your grace is here with me...

Well its been a long week and finally life is starting to slow down a bit. Its hard when life gets hectic. At times I feel it brings out the not so good in me. I tend to get more irritable and tend to take it out on those who I care about the most. Thankfully though people are forgiving and understand and are willing to look past the rough seasons which makes the good seasons that much better. I'm still adjusting to the transition out here in Phoenix. Thanks are going really good out here but its still an adjustment. But I am extremely thankful for the people I work with. They are great and they have helped out so much with this transitional time in my life. God is definitely good! God is still good even in the bad seasons of my life. That is one thing that I am starting to realize and grasp finally. I am thankful for the good and the bad seasons in my life because they promote growth and my true character is tested in the fire. But one person that I am most thankful for is Ruth. Through the good the bad and the ugly she still stands by my side. She allows me to be me. I am not condemned by her for my past and I am not forced to live a perfect life in the future by her. She accepts my faults and is willing to work through them with me which says a lot about the women she is. I'm not perfect and I never have been and never will be. At times though I feel pressured by the world and people to lead a perfect life. To make all the right choices when it comes to Ruth and I or when it comes to my everyday life. Unfortunately I wont make all the right decisions and will fall on my face but thankfully I serve a GOD who doesn't judge me by only my bad choices. Thankfully I serve a GOD who exercises Mercy and Grace to me daily which is something that is hard for me to wrap my mind around because I tend to do the opposite. But I wont listen to the world and their hateful words. As the Father loved the Son, Jesus loves us and in that love I will find peace and rest. His yoke is easy and His burden is light and with that I will stop trying to earn His love and Grace. I will attempt to live in and through that Love that He gives. Just another reason I appreciate Ruth so much. She models that unconditional love so well to those in her life. No matter what is said about her, no matter how undeserving people are of her generosity, she freely gives and doesn't ask for anything in return. Thanks for being an example Hooch of what Christ lived out here on earth and may we all strive together to be more like Him!


Ronnie said...

Okay, enough with the Ruth pics! Where are the Scronnie and Big Game James pics???? Oh and I love you, and you're gonna be awesome at GCU, and everybody I've talked to says they love you over there too.

raychill said...

glad to hear your still alive. but wait, you haven't updated since september, so you could be dead i guess.

oh im trying to move away from myspace towards blogs.
they are just more mature.

and you should update.

Agostinho Malvezi de Oliveira said...

glad to hear your still alive. but wait, you haven't updated since september, so you could be dead i guess.

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